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Gur Beck is a minor watercourse which rises in the north of the English county of Norfolk.[1] It is a tributary of the Scarrow Beck. Its spring is a little east of the North Norfolk village of West Beckham. It eventually merges after 4.2 miles (6.8 km) with the Scarrow Beck at Sustead. There once was a watermill on the beck. This could be found in the village of Gresham, but is no longer in working order.

Although only a little over 4 miles long from where it rises to where it joins Scarrow Beck Gur Beck has a history of being an area for food production.  In the past Gur Beck has powered a watermill in Gresham and then fed the water meadows in Sustead which were a way of keeping frost from the grasses to extend the grazing season.  These meadows are still used for grazing today (no longer water meadows) but unfortunately the watermill has long gone.  The ingredients for producing great food have always been grown and harvested along this watercourse so it seemed appropriate that our philosophy of local food produced locally and sold locally along with its close proximity to us made Gur Beck Country Foods a suitable name.

Production of great food still goes on in this area and along with our Scotch eggs and other homemade produce we are proud to have Juberwacky mustards produced by our neighbour and part of our stock. These go particularly well with our Scotch eggs and meat terrines.

Today the watercourse is also a great area for wildlife and recently the Felbeck Trust has done some great conservation work on the common which is right next to where we produce. This has improved both wildlife habitat and access to the public to enable everyone to enjoy this natural resource why not pop over to their website and see the work they do.


  1. Felbeck Trust
    December 06, 2017 | 4:13:32 am

    Thanks Gur Beck Country Foods for promoting the work of our wildlife charity. We wish you every success with this new venture and look forward to tasting the fruits (should perhaps be savouries) of your labours!

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