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We make everything in house that way we know its gluten free but full of flavour.

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When we started out we came from a background of running Kim’s Norfolk Kitchen Cookery school.  One of the things we made was a gluten free bread. Whilst trying out recipes on our friends and neighbours in the village we tried the gluten free bread as a crumb and found it gave a unique flavour and texture, it also crisps up again really well when you reheat them.  (180c for about 30 mins)

We made the decision make all our Scotch eggs Gluten Free.  This has taken some time but by buying the meat from a local free range (both the pigs and the eggs), doing our own mincing, making our own seasoning, checking all ingredients for our special flavours and then covering with our gluten free crumb we think we have got there.  Gluten Free and full of Flavour.  We also have a Vegetarian option in our selection as well.

We are planning product testing for shelf life in the vary near future to prove that they last longer than the current 5 days we are allowed to give and those companies that have asked about supplying you deli’s etc we will be in touch as soon as that is done.

I cant believe how far we have come in the few months since we started in Nov 2017 but we have been spurred on by customer reaction and a desire to continuously improve our product.  We will keep coming out with new flavours for you to try and we’ll keep them gluten free.

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